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Our American tax service has been in practice since 1980

Our US Tax Expertise Includes:

US Tax Compliance

Individual clients come to us with complex, multi-jurisdiction tax issues related to cross-border employment and investment opportunities. Similar to an interpreter or guide who helps travelers understand the language and customs of a particular country, we explain tax concepts and laws that are foreign to our clients. We prepare U.S. federal and state income tax returns for U.S. expatriates, foreign nationals and individuals with international financial interests.

US Tax Consulting

Our international tax consulting expertise includes analysis of tax treaties, sourcing of income, and reporting of foreign bank accounts, as well as foreign corporations, partnerships and trusts. As consultants, we help individual clients develop cost-effective strategies, propose solutions and prepare individual tax projections. We also work closely with our clients’ attorneys and other advisors to provide comprehensive advice

Just Some of Our US Taxation Services

Hayden T Joseph is an International Tax Advisor and does business as (DBA) Advanced American Tax.

Advanced American Tax (a member of Moores Rowland Asia Pacific) provides a range of professional taxation services catering primarily to anyone with US Tax exposure including American citizens and green card holders living outside of the US.

As US tax advisors, we provide consulting services to help clients navigate complex international tax situations. Our consulting expertise allows us to develop strategic plans tailored to each client's unique circumstances, with the goal of minimizing their overall tax liability. We have in-depth knowledge of international tax codes and treaties that we leverage to optimize international tax planning.

US Tax Planning Services Providing US Tax Advice for Expats and Those Exposed to US Tax System

Moores Rowland Asia Pacific offers the full range of accounting services including audit, tax, accounting, payroll, risk advisory, IFRS, restructuring and transaction support.

US Tax Preparer Providing the Best US Expat Tax Services

Our clients are increasingly looking beyond their national borders for new opportunities. The close relationships within the network mean that clients can easily be connected to a like-minded firm of US tax professionals in another country, that they can be assured will have their business interests at heart – no matter what services are required or where they are needed providing unparalleled USA expat tax services.

We offer high quality US tax consulting and compliance services to companies and individuals.

Choose True American Tax Service for Accurate US Tax Advice and Avoid Tax Issues

We have significant experience assisting our clients with complicated, international tax issues.

The following list represents some of the areas in which we have provided both planning and compliance services for our clients:

  • US shareholders of foreign corporations
  • US partners in foreign partnerships
  • US grantors and beneficiaries of foreign trusts
  • US shareholders of Passive Foreign Investment Companies (PFICS)
  • Reporting for Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBARs)
  • Blocked income reporting for deferral of tax in currency restriction situations
  • Donations to foreign charities by US private foundations via expenditure responsibility grants
  • Income tax treaty analysis for various issues including determination of residency, re-sourcing of income to avoid double taxation, reduction or exemption of tax
  • Determination of residency for income tax purposes for foreign nationals including optimization of elections for the first and last year of residency
  • Social Security tax implications to compensation of foreign nationals and US expatriates including application and analysis of Totalization agreements
  • Foreign tax credit optimization including analysis of paid versus accrued methods and maximizing foreign source income
  • Optimization for US expatriates including analysis of foreign tax credit versus foreign earned income exclusions
  • Reporting of foreign rental properties including proper depreciation methods and treatment of rental of a principal residence
  • Reporting and planning for US real property interests by nonresidents including applications for reduction/exemption from withholding on sale proceeds
  • Reporting and planning for nonresidents with US investments or US effectively-connected income
  • State residency and domicile issues for foreign nationals and US expatriates
  • Reporting gifts and inheritances from nonresidents
  • Consulting to employers of international assignees relating to tax equalization policy development and application, tax planning for international assignments including coordination with tax advisors in local jurisdictions, compensation structuring, payroll reporting and employee education and tax return preparation
  • Determination of residency for US citizens in US possessions
  • Given the uniqueness of the U.S. Tax Code, we are perfectly positioned to assist American Citizens, American Permanent Residents (Green Card holders) and American companies who want to expand to Asia with:
  • Incorporation and corporate structuring
  • Annual returns for both Asia and the United States
  • Work passes across the region
  • Corporate secretarial and full accounting services

US Tax Service for Americans All Over the World

For American Citizens, American Permanent Residents (Green Card holders) and American companies already in Asia and Europe, we can assist with U.S. tax issues including -

  • US Tax Amnesty – both Offshore Voluntary Disclosure (OVDP) and Streamlined
  • FATCA compliance including Form 8966, W-8 Ben-E and entity analysis
  • Reporting of foreign companies, partnerships and foreign trusts
  • Passive Foreign Investment Companies (PFICs)
  • Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBARs)
  • Pre-immigration Tax Planning
  • Cross border tax planning
  • Expat Salary negotiation
  • Corporate structuring
  • ITINs (U.S. Tax IDs)
  • Ordinary 1040s

As US tax advisors for Americans abroad, we provide tailored advice and guidance to help expats and global citizens stay compliant with US tax laws. Our specialized expertise in international tax codes allows us to develop strategic plans to reduce tax obligations for Americans overseas. We stay up-to-date on the latest IRS regulations and tax treaties to optimize international tax strategies.

How Our USA Tax Advisory Services Help You Stay Compliant With Your US Taxation Liabilities?

We have earned years of experience in serving strategic USA tax advisory for businesses of all types, regardless of industry, size, and entity type, as well as individual, trusts, and estates. We understand how a complicated process for filing US tax returns can negatively impact your business and finances. This is precisely where we take a stand-on to:

Round the clock consultation support

We are known to provide our extensive consultation to the expats living overseas to minimize their tax bill and making them aware of the complication involved in US tax filing process as well as the IRS tax audit.

Assured benefits of tax exemption

Our excellence to avail exemptions to US expats is unbeatable. We prevent double taxation to our esteemed clients by claiming the Foreign Tax credit when required

Optimized tax structure

We help expats in providing the cost-efficient tax structure, and the best solutions to earn eligible profits on tax filing. The United States is among a few countries that taxed international income earned by their citizen living or working in Singapore and other countries outside of US. Don’t expect to avoid paying US expat tax by living overseas. Instead, leave your tax challenges in our experienced tax-rectification hands.

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