1040 Form

Get a Tax Specialist to Hand Over Your 1040 From

Whether you are a US resident or a green card holder, as per the IRS guidelines you are required to file the IRS 1040 form as a part of your federal income tax filing. Filing the tax using form 1040 is mandatory if you’re receiving any of the following income sources:

  • Self-employment income
  • Commission or tips you receive
  • The income you receive as:
    • Partner in partnership
    • Shareholder in a corporation
    • Beneficiary of a trust or an estate

Filing the 1040 form under the obligation of IRS Gov is a complicated job and, in most cases, it requires the expertise of a taxation specialist. At, Advanced American Tax we have the experience and expertise so you can rest assured that we are a tax advisor you can rely on. We are a certified taxation accountant well-versed in the 1040 IRS norms of the U.S. federal income tax return. We provide our services to individuals, partnerships, trusts and companies.

We have a panel of 1040 form, tax filing specialist who will make sure that your tax-filing experience is hassle-free as well as your form will be timely and accurately filed.

Our tax adroit professionals can offer you these five valuable advantages as you aim to settle your tax liabilities.

  • Professional Intermediary Services

    The professional tax collectors of IRAS Singapore know the tax codes inside and out. Rather than making any blunder or do incomplete research on the tax laws, it’s better to gain an intermediary by hiring our professional tax service to ease your tax filing stress.

  • Asset Protection

    In case of any default, the IRS Gov Singapore holds the authority to immediately seize your assets like your bank account and retirement savings. By having a team of IRS tax experts at your side, you can always keep your assets protected and intact with no fear.

  • Filing of Past Tax Returns

    If you still owe any past returns, the IRS will keep targeting you until you properly file those returns. However, filing those dreadful past returns can be daunting for anyone. You can save yourself tons of frustration by hiring our team of tax professionals. We can file your past tax returns on your behalf without taking your time. Our tax proressionals can help you gather all the essential documents and determine what tax forms to file. You may even get a refund as a result of our expert assistance.

  • Audit Support

    The intimidating audit process of IRS Gov Singapore is considered to be one of the worst nightmares. If your account is being audited, you can have confidence in the process by having an experienced tax professional on your side. Our tax pros will ensure you have required documentation (like bank account statements,dividend statements, receipts of business or personal expenses and current and past tax returns) ready in advance.

  • Relief from Tax Stress

    The most significant advantage you may avail from hiring a tax professional involves being able to focus on your everyday life including business without any stress about your IRS tax debt situation. Being an experienced IRAS Singapore collection defense team, we will handle your complicated tax case while you focus on your business. When it comes to settling your tax debt issue and other tax filing-related complications, we will provide you with the hassle-free tax assistance throughout the year. Our tax team specializes in helping individuals who owe large tax bills to the IRS. We can help you the best to avoid taxation from the IRS or can negotiate with the IRS Gov Singapore on your behalf to eliminate penalties. Our IRS tax compliance team is well-versed in the process of reducing tax debt as low as possible. Our IRS tax resolution specialists bring years of knowledge and successful experience to help you receive the maximum refund or settle any tax debts with the IRS Singapore that you may owe. We do not just focus on resolving your IRS tax-related legal problems, but also ensure that you never end up in a complicated or stressful situation with the IRS regulation in the future. Our dedicated tax specialist team has been practicing on IRS in Singapore for decades to provide you the highest level of IRS guidance. No matter if your IRS problem is big or small, we commit to assist you the best to restore your financial peace. Our years of excellence help us optimize our IRS tax strategies to save you from hefty fines or penalties. We can help you fix the IRS problems and easily overcome debt.