1040 Form

Get a Tax Specialist to Hand Over Your 1040 From

(Singapore, Portugal, Dubai, UAE and other destinations)

Whether you are a US resident, a resident of Singapore, Dubai, UAE, Portugal or a green card holder, as per the IRS guidelines you are required to file the IRS 1040 form as a part of your federal income tax filing. Filing the tax using form 1040 is mandatory if you’re receiving any of the following income sources:

  • Self-employment income
  • Commission or tips you receive
  • The income you receive as:
    • Partner in partnership
    • Shareholder in a corporation
    • Beneficiary of a trust or an estate

Filing the 1040 form under the obligation of IRS Gov is a complicated job and, in most cases, it requires the expertise of a taxation specialist. At, Advanced American Tax we have the experience and expertise so you can rest assured that we are a tax advisor you can rely on. We are a certified taxation accountant well-versed in the 1040 IRS norms of the U.S. federal income tax return. We provide our services to individuals, partnerships, trusts and companies.

We have a panel of 1040 form, tax filing specialist who will make sure that your tax-filing experience is hassle-free as well as your form will be timely and accurately filed.

Our tax adroit professionals can offer you these five valuable advantages as you aim to settle your tax liabilities.