HTJ Action Plan

Over the years, successful entrepreneurs and business professionals would approach our team and ask for help. Help from a team of qualified cross-border business experts in relocating to foreign countries. 

Sometimes they know where they would like to relocate to. Sometimes the successful business owner, retiree or remote worker would be open to recommendations.

As a result, we offer four (4) options:

OPTION 1 – Pre immigration tax planning sessions over Zoom for $500 per hour

  1. During the Zoom call we review all your assets and income streams and explain the tax treatment
  2. If the tax consequence of the intended move is negative we may advise on mitigation strategies
  3.  If the tax consequence is acceptable, then we leave it as is and move onto the next item
  4. Beyond income taxes, we also discuss potential gift and estate tax consequences and advise accordingly

OPTION 2 – Pre-Migration Tax Modeling – $3,000

For those earning at least six (6) figures and / or with assets of seven (7) figures or above, we have a basic package. In this scenario, the successful person already knows where he or she wishes to relocate to.

So we take their most recently filed tax returns (both personal and corporate) and create a mathematical model that shows the tax impact of their relocation so they can better quantify it. Just to help them understand if it is truly the right step for them.

OPTION 3 – Pre Migration Tax Planning – $8000

This option includes everything in Option 1 but also includes a Memo which recommends what may be done to optimize your tax position over multiple jurisdictions. Tax optimization is the process of legally reducing your tax liability by taking advantage of various deductions, credits, and other incentives offered by governments.  Tax optimization requires an understanding of complex tax laws, as well as up to date knowledge of changes in taxation policies.  Strategies include restructuring investments, setting up businesses if there is a commercial purpose, and taking advantage of legitimate structures such as Trusts or Private Foundations. While the overall tax burden may be reduced, it is unlikely to be completely eliminated.

OPTION 4 – Let Us Create Your International Plan for $15,000

For those earning at least six (6) figures and/or with assets of seven (7) figures or above, we have a holistic, bespoke plan for both migration together with offshore tax and financial optimization. In this scenario, the successful person works directly with our team of qualified and experienced professionals to create your tailor-made “International Plan”. A plan that can then be implemented by our trusted network and includes the following three (3) sections –

a. Where are you now –
i. A detailed assessment of you and your family’s present situation.
ii. A review of your business and incomes streams

b. What do you and your family want –
i. Our in-depth professionally designed interview would seek to understand what you and your family are looking for in the ideal destination(s)
ii. Aside from what you want, we also consider needs such as kid’s education or access to special medical treatment
iii. We also introduce you to the idea of Flag Theory. The idea of establishing a presence in multiple jurisdictions to allow you to enjoy the best of multiple jurisdictions rather than just settling for one. After all, the world is your oyster.

c. Our recommendation –
i. Specific jurisdictions that best match your needs and wants
ii. Why we think it is a good fit for you and yours
iii. The potential tax savings (or otherwise) of your relocation for you and your businesses as per the Basic Package above.

Why Our Team

Unlike other professionals, we are not trying to sell you on any specific destinations. We are truly objective and seek only to understand your needs and match them to what is out there

We maintain a database of over 100 jurisdictions from Andorra to Zambia. Some of the more popular ones are discussed here.

We look forward to working with you.