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Oceania, group of islands in the South Pacific Ocean, about three-quarters of the way from Hawaii to Australia


303,009 (July 2021 est.)

General Introduction

Vanuatu is a Pacific island adventure that transcends cruise ship ports and flashy resorts. This scattered 80-plus island archipelago’s allure includes deserted beaches, ancient culture, remote and rugged islands, and world-class diving.

Wifi Speed

Internet Speed in Vanuatu averaged 1358.06 KBps from 2007 until 2017, reaching an all time high of 4796.85 KBps in the first quarter of 2013 and a record low of 117.76 KBps in the third quarter of 2009.

Electrical outlet

In Vanuatu the standard voltage is 220 V and the frequency is 50 Hz.

Per Capita GDP

$2,800 note: data are in 2017 dollars (2020 est.)
$3,100 note: data are in 2017 dollars (2019 est.)
$3,100 note: data are in 2017 dollars (2018 est.)
note: data are in 2017 dollars


tropical; moderated by southeast trade winds from May to October; moderate rainfall from November to April; may be affected by cyclones from December to April


Visa-free travel to 130 countries is available through the Vanuatu Citizenship-by-Investment Programme, including the European Union, the United Kingdom, and many other popular destinations. With no physical residency requirements and a streamlined path to citizenship-by-investment, Vanuatu is an appealing option for global investors.


Citizenship by investment is available in Vanuatu for applicants who invest at least $130,000 in a local development fund. Vanuatu, a group of 80 islands in the south Pacific to the east of Australia, is a Commonwealth territory. English and French are the official languages.

Vanuatu has the Asia-Pacific Hemisphere’s only Citizenship by Investment program. For investors, the program provides one of the quickest citizenship and second passport programs available. A single applicant must invest $130,000, while a family of four must invest $180,000, plus fees.

Processing Time

The expected timeframe for the application process is 6 months.

Key Benefits

  • Visa-free travel
  • Visa-free and visa-on-arrival travel to over 125 countries and territories including Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, The Schengen Area and the United Kingdom.

Guaranteed by law

  • The program is based on the law & is guaranteed by the government since 2017.

Straightforward process

  • Designed to be a smooth and straightforward process with a timeframe of 6 months to your new citizenship.

Tax relief

  • Vanuatu has no taxes on worldwide income, capital gains, dividends, gift, wealth and inheritance.
  • Minimal residency required
  • There are no physical residency requirements. You are not required to visit before or after the application.
  • Dual Citizenship permitted
  • There is no need to renounce your current citizenship(s), and your home authorities are not notified of your new citizenship.


  • Main applicant requirements
  • 18+ years of age
  • Good health
  • No criminal record
  • Successfully pass due diligence checks
  • Receive approval by the Government
  • Confirmed investment sources
  • Eligible dependents
  • Spouse of the main applicant
  • Adult children (biological or adopted) under 25 years of age
  • Parents above 50 years of age (Parents and children older than 18 must be dependent on the main applicant)

Procedures and Time Frame

The application process is expected to take 6 months. The length of the first stage of document collection can vary depending on the applicant’s ability to gather the documents. This process is guided by our team, who provides samples and best practices advice.

The review stage is subject to the respective Government schedule and may be influenced by factors over which we, as authorized agents, have no control. Savory and Partners works with the government throughout the process, and we strive to provide the applicant with the quickest and smoothest experience possible.

Performance Guarantee

Natural Resources

manganese, hardwood forests, fish

Ethnic Groups

Melanesian 99.2%, non-Melanesian 0.8% (2016 est.)


local languages (more than 100) 63.2%, Bislama (official; creole) 33.7%, English (official) 2%, French (official) 0.6%, other 0.5% (2009 est.)


Protestant 70% (includes Presbyterian 27.9%, Anglican 15.1%, Seventh Day Adventist 12.5%, Assemblies of God 4.7%, Church of Christ 4.5%, Neil Thomas Ministry 3.1%, and Apostolic 2.2%), Roman Catholic 12.4%, customary beliefs 3.7% (including Jon Frum cargo cult), other 12.6%, none 1.1%, unspecified 0.2% (2009 est.)

Median Age

total: 23 years
male: 22.6 years
female: 23.5 years (2020 est.)


urban population: 25.7% of total population (2021)
rate of urbanization: 2.55% annual rate of change (2020-25 est.)

Physician density

0.17 physicians/1,000 population (2016)

Government type

parliamentary republic

Unemployment Rate

1.7% (1999 est.)


Headline Personal Income Tax Rate (highest marginal tax rate) – N/A
Headline Corporate Income Tax Rate (excluding dividend taxes) – N/A

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