Banking for International Entrepreneurs

The above image contains a quote from an interview I did with Greg. Podcast interviews from thought leaders like him are available on our main website – www.htj.tax

Regardless, I never grow tired of telling clients that getting a company incorporated is easy. But an entity is of limited value without its own bank account. And international banking is more difficult now than ever before.

Some international entrepreneurs are comfortable opening accounts in banks that regulate in weak regulatory environments. Some, prefer top tier jurisdictions and top tier banks.

Those who still live in the past, think offshore banking is about hiding money. Such people are clueless about FATCA and CRS and prefer the comfort of believing the fake news on websites written by fugitives hiding out in unregulated jurisdictions.

Here’s some interesting charts and rankings – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vSrDBhzyVDbykuJzS2XKa3C59DZDS7rixVLrMqhDmssLgTNmq1wJPRWrys4zHvOzMvYox3Fp69k6RrU/pubhtml

Here’s a link for our data –

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