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Thank you for booking an appointment with us. 

1. In advance of the call, please review my profile and our firm’s profile by scrolling up and clicking on “About” in the drop down menu at the top of this webpage.  We encourage you to get to know us in advance of the call

2. The available appointment slots are shown in the time zone of YOUR own device (phone, laptop, tablet etc).  Please keep this in mind

3. Please provide your correct email address in booking.  The appointment will be shown in the calendar connected to the email address you provide.  There is no need to call or otherwise confirm the appointment in advance.  Once you have an appointment, please consider it confirmed.

4. I’m usually based in Singapore although I do travel often to our other offices (see #1 above).  The daytime Asia appointment slots go quickly because of the high demand.  The second area of high demand would be UK / Europe.

5. If you need to cancel or change the appointment slot?  No need to contact us.  Simply goto the calendar entry you created in your own calendar and you will see clear instructions for amending or canceling appointments

6. If it is an introductory call?  Please understand that we cannot provide any legally binding tax advice unless or until we are properly engaged by you.  Please do not expect free advice outside of a paid, legal engagement or a paid consultation.

7. Our appointments are all on Zoom.  Please download and test Zoom in advance of the call.

Please click here to book a slot.  We look forward to meeting you – https://calendly.com/derren43

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