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Taxation is one of the most important areas for any business. Each strategic decision by management could potentially give rise to significant tax implications. Careful tax planning is therefore essential to meet corporate objectives. Responsiveness like no other. One size cannot fit all. We specially package business and tax advisory services for our clients based on their needs. We make it easier for companies doing business internationally, whether large or small, to be tax compliant. At HTJ.tax and the bigger Moores Rowland group, we have the necessary international tax expertise to optimize your cross border tax position.

You sell. We do taxes. With the increased growth of ecommerce, sales tax and income tax are becoming a complicated and time-consuming burden on companies. Gone are the days when a retailer only needed to file one sales tax return and one income tax return. Now business activities cross state lines, create nexus, and create multi-jurisdictional obligations. Laws, specifically targeting ecommerce businesses, are changing faster than most companies can keep up. You want to be compliant but keeping up with the laws for each jurisdiction can be a nightmare. You also have to navigate through each jurisdiction’s registration requirements and ongoing compliance obligations. How can you focus on growing your business and not get buried in the avalanche of accounting demands? Our team has worked with hundreds of ecommerce sellers over the past years and we understand the uniqueness of the industry, the pain points, and the best solutions to help companies get in compliance.

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For foreign nationals looking to relocate to the U.S., we offer pre-immigration planning services. Given the worldwide reach of the U.S. income and transfer-tax systems, timing is essential. Once an individual becomes a U.S. resident for U.S. tax purposes, he or she may be exposed to U.S. income taxes on worldwide income and estate and gift taxes on worldwide assets. With proper planning, a taxpayer’s exposure to these taxes can be minimised.

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Since the Internal Revenue Service did away with its Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program in September 2018, the number of tax amnesty options for U.S. citizens living abroad has been reduced. Under certain circumstances, Americans living in another country can back file their returns through a complex process, effectively erasing tax penalties and settling their bill with the IRS. If you are a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident who has been living abroad for some time, you are probably filing local tax returns but may have forgotten that you are required to file tax returns in the U.S. If so, you can correct this misstep to avoid serious consequences later on. If you think you may owe the IRS, explore your options for tax amnesty.

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What would your life be like if you did not have to think about all the details of your investments and family resources? How would it be if you could simply lean back and relax without thinking about your assets because you know a trustworthy team with a true understanding of your family and expectations is taking care of your finances? What if you could receive independent guidance without conflict of interest, with the sole purpose of upholding and implementing your personal and financial goals? Our team can make this a reality. We specialize in providing families with qualified professional services to safeguard and optimize their investments. We offer independent guidance without conflict of interest, with the sole purpose of upholding and implementing our clients’ personal and financial goals. We work in sync with our clients’ existing advisers. If necessary, we can access the services of a pool of external experts to complement our team in special tasks. As a trustworthy and reliable contact person at site with a true understanding of our clients’ expectations we take care of their finances and all other matters with transparency and discretion.

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It’s often difficult and expensive to find experienced personnel who can handle complicated institutional reporting functions. We pride ourselves on offering these types of sophisticated accounting services to clients on an outsourced basis. Our team has many years of experience and offers the focus and attention that in-house teams with competing priorities often cannot. Our strength lies in the presence of our regional support facilitating our clients’ growing business. We focused on enduring business value and with the depth of regional support; we have the experience coordinating with other regional offices to tailor services focusing on the international dimension. Among the services we specialized include the following: Bookkeeping – Human Resources Outsourcing – Payroll Services.


With clients in dozens of countries, we work with many US exposed persons who need reliable US Expat Tax Services. We work exclusively with higher income earners and enjoy those with unusual or complex situations. We are not a tax return treadmill with a team that turns around thousands of simple returns each month. Relationships are important as our clients are international entrepreneurs, location independent professionals, C Suite executives and fund managers. Any US citizen, Green card holder, or a long-term visitor must file a US tax return. However, the sound advice of a US expat tax professional, is needed to minimize the tax burdens of 6, 7 and 8 figure income earners.

Cross-border business transactions with related parties have to be established following the internationally accepted arm’s-length-principle and must be documented in line with domestic tax rules. Only if transfer pricing is understood as a continuous process will the taxpayer be able to minimize the related tax risks in the long run without putting their business model – as a base of corporate success – into question.

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We have significant experience assisting our clients with complicated, international tax issues. The following list represents some of the areas in which we have provided both planning and compliance services for our clients: