January 28, 2020

Cyprus Offshore Companies and Individual Taxes

Cyprus Offshore Company – thinks you need  to know We have been exploring Europe for a while – Special Personal Tax Programs in Europe – https://www.mooresrowland.tax/2020/01/special-personal-tax-programs-in-europe.htmlEstonia – https://www.mooresrowland.tax/2019/12/lets-talk-about-estonia.html Portugal – https://www.mooresrowland.tax/2019/10/brief-on-portugal-taxes-including-nhr.html EU – https://www.mooresrowland.tax/2020/01/the-eu-taxing-non-resident-citizens.html Malta – https://www.mooresrowland.tax/2019/11/lets-talk-about-malta.html UK – https://www.mooresrowland.tax/2020/01/tax-residence-and-fiscal-domicile-in-uk.html As of October 2015, the island of Cyprus officially lost its status as a tax haven when the Organization for Economic …

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Transatlantic inheritance tax problems

UK Inheritance taxes – https://www.mooresrowland.tax/2019/10/developments-in-provision-of-private.html US Estate taxes – https://www.mooresrowland.tax/2019/12/the-us-estate-tax-is-imposed-on-gross.html I am a US citizen who has lived in the UK for nearly 20 years. As an only child I stand to inherit significant assets from my elderly mother, who has most of her money in individual retirement accounts in the US. She is in poor health …

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