Top Three Reasons You Should Hire A US Tax Advisor Hong Kong

Let’s just be honest- when it comes to filing taxes for the income earned in Hong Kong, most of us become clueless as to where and how to start. May be you are not that much confused about the tax filing process like the majority of us. But if you’re like most people, you might benefit from hiring a US tax advisor Hong Kong while ensuring higher return. There are several good reasons why you must give a thought to hire a tax consultant and these reasons we are stated produce valuable result to you at the end.

Guide to US Expat Tax Services Hong Kong

We discuss US Expat Tax Hong Kong, Us Tax Advisory Hong Kong & Us Tax Advisor Hong Kong. If you are a US citizen, all the international incomes are subjected to taxation and reporting. Thus, annual tax returns due on April 15 are mandatory for the citizens inside the country and June 15 for those residing outside the nation.

To assessment of Us Expat Tax Consultants Hong Kong, both are treated differently. Also, there exist numerous rebates and incentives for such international taxpayers. Therefore, the support of the right expert is mandatory to ensure the compliance and savings on such income.

If you’re not sure how to go about filing your taxes, read on to learn three good reasons why should you hire US expat tax services Hong Kong and American Tax Consulting Hong Kong to file your return:

100% accuracy– You wouldn’t want to make any minor errors when it is about filing taxes. By hiring a pro for the job, you can block the entrance of any errors and assured that the tax professional compute the amount after considering every tax provision into the account that you are eligible for.

  • Keep you updated with any changes– They are a true professional in this case. Tax norms or law is the most uncertain one with the constant changes in IRS, which is about 2,600 pages long, without including additional explanations and resources. It is the responsibility Us expat tax consultants Hong Kong to keep you always informed on IRS tax changes and updated with new provisions so you can plan your further move accordingly.
  • Increase the chance of higher return– With frequent tax code changes, it can take you some time to understand the process, the jargon, and the procedure to file a tax return. Still, you compute the right amount, there is no guarantee. If you’re not confident enough to claim every possible deduction, then a US expat tax consultant will ensure you get all the money you deserve from the IRS.

Excellence in US Tax Service for Americans in Hong Kong

If you’re an expat and unaware of the complicated provisions of USA Tax Services Hong Kong system, relax you are in right place. There is no doubt that living overseas in Hong Kong will be an extreme pleasure for you with an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in its luxurious lifestyle and bountiful earning privilege. Living in Hong Kong and conduct business as an American, will be more like a roller coaster journey where you have to overcome the technical provision of US expat tax Hong Kong which is completely different from the provision you are familiar in your home country United States. Fortunately, this is the phase we excel while offering fast, affordable and professional US tax services Hong Kong to Americans.

AT HTJ Tax consultants, we lead the US tax advisory Hong Kong with excellence and successfully handled a diverse range of tax complications. With our in-depth knowledge of US expat tax Hong Kong laws and practice, we offer a wide range of USA tax services Hong Kong and advisory services. Our firm is one of the leading firms in the preparation of accurate USA Tax Services Hong Kong which gives you the assurance that the documents of your earned income are in safe hands so that you can stay always relax while counting on us.

Taxation Issues We Encounter Effortlessly For US Expats in Hong Kong

No matter whether you are green card holders or residents of any land, we are the genuine US tax specialist in Hong Kong assist you with much-needed Us tax Services Hong Kong and update you with all the tax changes introduced by the Government. Below are some of the specific issues of Us Expat Tax Hong Kong our proficient team of tax attorneys, CPAs, and tax preparers assist our clients with.

  • Income generated from closely held non-US corporations
    • Ownership resulting in capital gains, and ways to avoid them.
    • Source of gifts and inheritance issues.
    • “Foreign” invested mutual funds.
    • Gift to a non-US spouse or anyone else.
    • “Foreign” earned pensions.
    • FATCA and FBAR reporting.

By combining the expertise, experience, and the tax relaxation skills of our talented US Expat tax consultants Hong Kong, each client receives close personal and professional attention. If you are an expat living and working in Hong Kong and have not been filing your proposed taxes, our professional US Expat Tax Services Hong Kong can help!

Right Companion for Your Taxation Need

Our team of experienced Us Tax Advisor Hong Kong will work with you closely to bring your tax filing back up to date, test your eligibility for the IRS’s and assist your hassle-free move to Hong Kong. We are one of the trusted and sharpest minds American taxes consulting Hong Kong firm where you can share your requirement to get the genuine solution on time.

Whether it is easy or complex taxation situation, safely getting clients concern into compliance is our passion, and we take it very seriously.

Get Reliable US Tax Services in Hong Kong to Simplify Your Tax Obligations

Living in a well-developed country is full of opportunities. However, it can’t be ignored that Hong Kong has a highly evolved system of expat taxation, and getting the one-in-all US tax services in Hong Kong help to limit exposure and protect wealth. The tax expert offering US taxation services specializes in US expat tax compliance and advisory services. Ongoing reforms in the expatriate tax, regulatory environment, and improvement in the tax collection ability by the revenue authorities have exposed individuals as well as corporations to regulatory scrutiny across the jurisdictions in which they carry out their businesses and works.

US Tax Experts Recommends Beneficial Tax Saving Strategies

  • To Grow and preserve your assets
    • Defer income so you can save money now and pay taxes later
    • Reduce taxes on your income so keep more of what you earn
    • Reduce taxes on your estate so your family keeps more of what you’ve made
    • Reduce taxes on your gifts so you can give more
    • Reduce taxes on your investments so you can grow your wealth

This is how a US tax professional in Hong Kong can help you reduce your tax liability through careful planning, preparation, and applying legitimate tax strategies.
Expat tax filing process in Hong Kong has never been easier, and due to lack of knowledge of a tax professional, many expatriates fall paying double taxes. Whether you work overseas and claim the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, or have a foreign investment as a source of income, you need someone specialized offering the complete USA tax services in Hong Kong to combat the provision of US taxes while living and working in Hong Kong.


Need To Hire A USA Expat Tax Expert Services

Any US citizen, Greencard holder, or a long-term visitor must file a US tax return. However, with the sound advice of a US expat professional, you may be able to reduce the amount of tax, doesn’t matter in which corner of the country you live, or how you earn the money being a US alien. This is why any US expat taxpayer with US tax of Hong Kong income needs an experienced tax prepare work on their behalf to combat the complexity involved in expat tax filing.

About HTJ-Us Tax Services Hong Kong

If you find international tax rules, don’t take the stress, we provide the most distinctive US tax service for Americans in Hong Kong that you can trust. Utilizing our years of knowledge and expertise, we get you the deductions that you deserve to keep your business on track. We are the most successful Us Expat Tax Services Hong Kong firm provides tax advice, planning and compliance services (to file tax returns and form preparation) to individuals, partnerships, corporations, trusts, and estates. If you’re looking for a blend of personal USA tax services Hong Kong with expertise, you can confidently come to us knowing that we take a holistic approach when it’s about meeting client’s tax filing deadlines with accuracy.

We’re here to meet your tax requirements and put an end to the misery of IRS tax regulations. We pride ourselves on being the efficient American tax consulting Hong Kong firm and give our clients peace of mind by providing accurate and prompt taxation service while making legal efforts to minimize their tax obligation.

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