Nomad Offshore Summit 2023


1. Developing your International Plan
2. Navigating the New Visa Landscape
3. International Tax Optimization

Lisbon, Portugal, January 27th to 29th, 2023

What would I get from the Nomad Offshore Summit?


After more than 2 years of being locked up?  The world is finally reopening!  But things are not the same as before.  Are you ready for the new normal?  We can help you.


It’s the ultimate place to learn from highly successful professionals and network with hundreds of like-minded people who share your goals and lifestyle of location independence.

Embracing the Nomadic Lifestyle

 Pillar 1 – Developing Your International Plan

Topics would include : 

– Sharing from Nomads who’ve recently spent time in the Caribbean, Latin America, the US, Canada, Portugal and other parts of Europe, and South East Asia.
– How to find other international professionals to collaborate with.
– Going offshore as we help you identify the elements of a successful ‘International Plan’

Pillar 2 – Navigating the New Visa Landscape

– The days of gaming the immigration system and doing visa runs are over. Second residency and citizenships are an asset class in itself. Get prepared to embrace this new normal by doing things the correct way.
– Which countries offer digital nomad type visas?
– Let’s talk about residency by investment.
– Let’s talk about citizenship by investment.

Pillar 3 – International Tax Optimization

– Onshore is the new offshore. The days of hiding in obscure jurisdictions are over.
– Understanding international banking rules.
– What’s all the fuss around acronyms like AML, KYC, FATCA, CRS, BEPS etc.
– Understanding the International Tax rules. Avoiding the blacklist. New minimum tax rules. Principal purpose tests.
– Why are Dubai, the Caribbean and Singapore so attractive?


– Networking opportunities to allow you to make new connections.  At the Summit, we have options for a networking reception, a party and a cruise. Remember that your network is your net worth. Make connections from all over the world.

– Join our inner circle community on SLACK.  Attend regular livestreams. Conversations with subject matter experts. In 2020 and 2021 we have done at least a livestream per week now viewed by tens of thousands of people living that international life.

– We have over 1000 videos with lots of Q&As. Have your questions answered too.

The Schedule - 3 Powerful Days


January 27  – Friday
Check in and Evening VIP Networking Event

January 28  – Saturday
Main Conference Day and Afterparty*
VIP Dinner with Speakers

January 29  – Sunday
Optional workshops in the morning
VIP Summit Cruise in the afternoon

Meet Our Nomad Offshore Summit 2023 Speakers

Victor Nourrissat

SafetyWing - He will speak about "How to Nomad in 2023"

Augusto Paulino

Qualified Portugal Tax Arbitrator

Derren Joseph

International Tax. Amazon Best Selling Author. Podcaster. Conference Host

Kaspar Karik

Founder & CEO of Silva Hunt OÜ - Estonia E-Residency, Tax and Law Service Provider

Mikhail Charles

Barrister - Corporate Tax Matters in the UK and the Caribbean

Kevin Hosam

Residency and Citizenship advisor for Latin America, Caribbean and S.E. Asia

Hanna Musidi

Being a Nomad in Bali

Raquel de Matos Esteves

Portugal Immigration Lawyer

Renalyn Concepcion

Being a Nomad in Dubai

Take Aways

  1. Opening an offshore company in the US, Europe, Dubai or Asia
  2. Off shore banking. Legally
  3. Navigating the ever changing world of digital nomad visas
  4. Acquiring second residences and citizenships
  5. Staying on top of your local and international tax obligations
  6. Marketing yourself and your services to international clients
  7. Finding other international professionals to collaborate with
  8. Hear from actual nomads who know the Caribbean, Latin America, Western Europe, and Southeast Asia about what life is really like.
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The Venue

This January 2023, the Nomad Summit conference will take place in the TRYP Lisboa Caparica Mar Hotel in Lisboa, Portugal.

The TRYP Lisboa Caparica Mar Hotel has a relaxing and carefree atmosphere and is located right on the sea, on the largest and most popular beach in the Greater Lisbon region, the Costa da Caparica. Just 20 minutes from downtown Lisbon and the airport, it has 354 rooms placed over 7 floors, equipped with air conditioning and TV. The Tryp Lisboa Caparica Mar Hotel also has an outdoor pool, two restaurants, a Kid’s Club for the youngest ones and 7 conference rooms equipped with the latest sound and imaging technologies. Due to its location and characteristics, this is the ideal hotel to spend a dream vacation, organize work meetings, or even perform civil ceremonies, cocktails or other events.

TRYP Lisboa Caparica Mar Hotel is a 4-Star Hotel registered in the National Registry of Tourism with the number 1377.

Our Team

Derren Joseph

Hanna Musidi

Pamela Avellanosa

Racquel Pouchet

Renalyn Concepcion

Sweetdel Flor Acolentava

Wendy Gutierrez