Talk with a Legal Futurist 


Today we share a 30 minute conversation we had with Margaret Rose-Goddard we did last month.  Margaret is a UK based Lawyer specializing in public procurement law.  She is currently doing doctoral research at the University of Bath exploring complexity theory, public health procurement, and public policy implementation.  Margaret also calls herself a “Legal Futurist”

My thoughts –

1. Global supply chains around goods, face continued disruption.  Conversely, trade in services presents business opportunities   

2. To deal with the present crisis, Governments have shut down economic activity and negatively impacted millions of businesses.  It is likely that this would not be the last time.  How would this impact #entreprenuers #businessowners?  Would it discourage future effort? 

3. Data security and personal privacy will continue to be a pressing issue. 

I once had the privilege of attending a presentation by the late Hans Rosling in 2009.  He wrote –  “When we are afraid, we do not see clearly… Critical thinking is always difficult, but it’s almost impossible when we are scared. There’s no room for facts when our minds are occupied by fear.”

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