Applying for an ITIN

We are Certified Acceptance Agents.  The advantage of using us, is that we certify copies of your identification so you don’t need to surrender your passport for months while the IRS processes the application

Here’s an overview of the procedure –


Here’s a more detailed review of the process should you still have questions –


Most US persons come to us for ITINs for their non US spouses.  Most non US persons come to us for ITINs for US investments including an LLC.

For those needing an ITIN for an LLC, aside from the usual list of items we require (which we itemize in our email message to you), we also need

1. A copy of the Operating Agreement for the LLC showing the applications name and / or

2. A letter from the LLC, on the LLC letterhead, giving the LLC’s EIN, confirming that you are a member or partner and that you require an ITIN because the LLC is engaged in business in the US.

There is no standard template.  Any letter that gives the details about is acceptable

Let us know if you have questions – help@htj.tax

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