Permanent Residence in Switzerland

Switzerland needs no special introduction. It is a Country with one of the highest living standards in the World and one of the highest GDP per Capita. It is organized as Confederation of Cantons in the heart of the European Continent with diverse landscapes of Cities, Mountains, Forests and Lakes. A pleasant Climate, a healthy mix of living and recreational areas are coupled with Global business reach and social and cultural opportunities.

Switzerland is not a Member of European Union, but Swiss Residents enjoy EU benefits of Free Schengen Area Travel, among others. Swiss Companies enjoy EU benefits of avoiding Double Taxation while enjoying freedom of being lightly taxed and lightly regulated compared to their EU counterparts. Switzerland can be proud of its responsible management of public finance and stands out with its amazingly low public debt. This self-responsibility is one of the reasons for favorable taxation rates of its citizens and businesses.

Official languages: German, French, Italian and Rheto-Roman. English is widely spoken in Cities. 

Cities of Zurich, Zug, Geneva and Basel lead an example.

Residence Options in Switzerland

Your Family is safe in Switzerland and benefits of Schengen Visa-free Travel. 

A – Swiss Flat-Tax Solution with Long-stay Residence Visa (Wealth option)

B – Swiss Business Solution with Long-stay Residence Visa (Business option)

C – Swiss Direct way to Swiss Permanent Residence Visa (VIP option – ask)

Any of these 3 can ultimately lead you to Swiss Citizenship, for which strict conditions apply.

About the Swiss Residence Program

The Investment Migration is promoted by Business oriented Cantons itself rather than a National Program. Switzerland does not require direct financial contributions as it seeks to be compensated by future increase in the Tax Income resulting from investment migration which adds long-term economic value.

Main Advantages

In the World of rising uncertainties, Switzerland represents a Fortress and provides for a fulfilled life when you are used to demand the most. Superb public transport, excellent flight connections and fair taxation is providing a platform to grow your activities in politically stable environment and enjoy high-quality life. Swiss Residence Visa provides for Schengen Free-Travel and is (with a Swiss company) an excellent tool for doing business internationally or with Europe.

– No National contribution for main applicants, spouse or children.

– No minimum investment requirements. Low setup cost for Tier 1 Jurisdiction.

General Requirements

– For Flat Tax Solution, min. amount of Tax payable applies

– For Business solution, a Company with min. capital

– For VIP Solution a minimum Taxable base applies

There is an Annual Cost: Applicant has to rent or own a real estate of an appropriate size to live in and pay (moderate) Swiss taxes on Income and Wealth or in form of a fixed Flat Tax. 

Depending on the chosen Migration Solution different minimums apply in different cantons:

For A – Minimum Flat Tax Base,

For B – Minimum Annual Income,

For C – Minimum Taxable income.


The requirement of renewal (excluded with permanent Residence) is proof of factual residence in Switzerland. On Visa renewal, some Cantons (not all) can ask you to prove your stay in Switzerland with copies of your Credit Card bills or provide other Proofs (Invoices) of your Swiss expenditure and presence if they are in doubt of your real Residence (183 days Rule).

Swiss Real Estate

It is not required to buy Real Estate to be eligible for any Visa Program. The Opposite applies. As soon as you are in possession of a 5 year Swiss Residence Visa and able to demonstrate local attachment, you are eligible to Acquire Swiss Real estate, which you can keep even if you do not renew your Visa afterwards. As an exemption from this Rule, there are some New and Existing developments in Tourist Resorts with special Rights for foreigners to buy with no Visa, but none in the Main Cities.

Procedures and Time Frame

We would provide you first with a Pre-Emigration assessment to your individual situation and require a fixed fee for it. This would include the assessment of your future Tax Position.

Upon assessment of your eligibility, you decide if you wish to apply for a Swiss Residence, and we would assemble an Application for you, negotiate your Tax Payment with the Tax Authorities (in Option A), negotiate with Government (in Option C) and submit the Application on your behalf. A fee is payable 50% at the start and 50% upon submitting the Application.

The Due Diligence process is focused on fulfilling the Formal Criteria of Application. 

No Background Check and no criminal Record check is being requested from the Applicant. 

A Cantonal Migration Office is handling the Application and is providing its own background check from Swiss Police, which includes check in the Schengen information system, among others. Migration office can ask you to improve the application in a given time or it can deny the application based on its internal guidelines.

The process is relatively quick. Once the Application is submitted, the Swiss Long-Term Resident Visa can be granted in 2 Weeks.

source: www.inter-tax.ch

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