FATCA / Automatic Exchange of Information (AEI) Services

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We can provide consulting services in this space –


  • General Consulting services: We can be your go-to contact for ad-hoc FATCA and AEI queries
  • Advisory Retainer Services Arrangements: for a set fee you will have unlimited access to our knowledgeable consultants for all FATCA and AEI related advisory service
  • Training: Customized in-house training fit for your specific organizational and business need
  • Impact Assessment: for organizations that want to understand what impact and extent the FATCA and AEI regulatory requirements have on their business.
  • FATCA and AEI Readiness:

o   Conduct a FATCA and AEI entity classification analysis

o   Assist in the entity registered with the US IRS to be FATCA compliant

o   Assist clients in their FATCA and AEI documentation requirement

  • Drafting of Policies and Procedures documents

·        GAP Analysis / Root Cause Analysis: for clients struggling to meet maintain their FATCA/AEI program previously implemented. We can conduct a GAP analysis to identify any possible FATCA and/or AEI risk and proposed actions to remediate and reduce the risk.

·        FATCA and AEI Testing: periodic review to assess whether the FATCA/AEI program implemented is robust and continues to satisfy regulatory requirements.   

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