US Tax & IRS Hong-Kong

US Tax & IRS Hong-Kong

When it comes to filing taxes for the income earned in Hong Kong, most of the taxpayer become clueless as to where and how to start. Being a green card holder or American resident living in Hong Kong, paying detailed attention to Hong Kong US tax can feel intimidating. Knowing which tax provisions affect you and understanding the deduction you’re eligible for is a lot to stay on top of. With HTJ Tax, you can breathe easy knowing that you have found the unparalleled expertise for US expat taxes in Hong Kong. Our experienced tax professional streamlined the filing process for expatriates. Whether you are looking for expert tax guidance on FATCA and FBAR rules or the process to file from abroad, we are always ready to provide the support you through professionalism, responsiveness, and quality tax-saving results.

Our only aim is to make US tax laws hassle-free and affordable for ex-pats. Whether it is for filing an annual tax return, FBAR, taking advantage of the IRS amnesty program or resolving IRS stressful notices for audit, we take the responsibility to get you out of every complicated situation.

Here’s how we can help you…

Your tax return will be prepared by our experts and then proceed to check and recheck for identifying potential issues that the US IRS Hong Kong may look at more closely and reviewing the calculation to limit IRS interference.

Your tax return can be filed electronically so you will get a maximum refund quicker.

We are experts in clearing past due returns accurately for US citizens and green cardholders.

We provide an array of US tax services in Hong Kong, including preparing:

  • Individual tax return
  • US tax reporting for non-US citizens
  • Profit tax return
  • Tax-filing extensions
  • Offshore claims & deductions
  • Time-apportionment claims
  • Prepare, review and assist with IRS

Our expert will also adjust your payroll withholding and potential deductions to limit your tax liability.

Therefore, it is recommended to seek the help of a professional US tax consultant who is well-versed in the US tax Hong Kong issues faced by an expatriate. To begin with, first, come across all those aspects which will make you become eligible to pay US taxes while living in Hong Kong as an expat.

  • US expat have an obligation to pay taxes on their income earned in the Hong Kong territory
    The United stated rules out every other developed nation. Among all, the US is the only country in the world that taxes on the basis of citizenship while many countries taxes where the financial transactions occurred. It is the citizenship effect of US residents that they are taxed on the basis of their global income. Thus, for a US resident, the income is always taxable in Hong Kong.
  • US taxpayers must file offshore account disclosures

This is the second mandatory obligation over US taxpayers, which they have to overcome. Being an expat they need to file offshore account disclosures like FBAR, FATCA with the help of US tax advisor Hong Kong because it is a very technical reporting which needs professional experience. Failure to file both the FBAR & FATCA can impose heavy fines.

US taxpayers living or working in Hong Kong have an array of tax concerns as well as obligations which they need to comply with. The failure to comply with any single obligation can cost them a fortune. So, before settling your business or receiving any income in Hong Kong make sure you have hired the right tax advisor to drop down your chance of being recognized as a tax defaulter.

Our highly knowledgeable tax experts have assisted thousands of expatriates in resolving their tax issues timely and enable them to get maximum deductions. You can trust our tax professionals to help you determine the best tax solutions so that you can focus on the important things that matter to you while leaving the tax matters to our experienced hands.