New Normal is a Dangerous Myth 

Today we share a 20-minute interview we did with Andrea in June. Originally from #Italy and now based in #Romania, Andrea is the CFO of a company manufacturing telecoms equipment.

Our thoughts -

  1. Everyone talks about the “New Normal,” as if there’s a guarantee that life will return to normal. For many geographies and industries? #NewNormal doesn’t matter: normal is dead.
  2. Most casual observers were blissfully unaware of the pre-existing issues which the #pandemic has exacerbated. #ProfessionalSports #DiningOut, #airtravel, #cruiselines #movietheatres #healthcare, #highereducation #MusicIndustry #malls are among those that are fundamentally impacted. Business models with high fixed costs are in trouble. How long can restaurants operate at 50% capacity?
  3. As Charles Hugh Smith wrote – there was no New Normal for the dinosaurs. A few winged species survived and evolved into the birds of today. For all the other dinosaur species? #Denormalization meant extinction.

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