Why Should US/UK Technology Entrepreneurs Should Consider Expanding to SE Asia

It sounds like a cliche now but there is an ongoing shift towards Asia in general and towards South East Asia in particular.  Here we will give 6 reasons for tech entrepreneurs in the West to consider moving East.

    1.   Market Size

    • ·         Based on the
      World Population data prepared by United Nations Population Division, the
      population of ASEAN will increase from 633 million people in 2015 to 717 million in 2030 and 741 million people
      in 2035, a rate of 0.85% per annum.

    2.  Market Demographics

    More than half of the people are under 30

    • 3. Tax Efficiency

    Depending on your situation, corporate and
    personal income tax can be half of what it is in the USA

      4. Legal Protection
      • ·        Includes both common and civil law jurisdictions
      • ·        Singapore is probably the gold standard

             5. Education System

    Great for families

    Great for sourcing skilled employees

    6.      Quality of Life

    Singapore is a very safe city

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